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Changing the Game: Activists & Grassroots community organizing that wins.

Published on 23 Oct 2017 / In

Is this film on activists and community organizing good? Visit http://UndividedYearning.com and spread the word! "Why did you make this film", people ask me that so often about "History Is Undivided Yearning"? I wanted to inspire people to be game-changers, to tackle community organizing, to become activists, and be social entrepreneurs that change what's wrong in the world. I wanted to ignite changemakers.

There's a lot of videos about the tools of activists like community organizing, everything from What is Community Organizing, How to Agitate, Understanding Community Organizing. But I wanted to go beyond the mechanics, and inspire motivation and action.

I wanted to document what makes someone decide to be an activist and change the game. I wanted to inspire new grass-new roots leaders to change what's wrong, to keep community organizing passionate, and to pick people up when their community organizing is wearing them down.

In our film, "History Is Undivided Yearning", we go deep into the hearts of activists and community organizing from the 1970's and today. We explore what drives them. What's hurt them. And we learn how love is the key to survival.

As wonky as it sounds, love for community, and respect for each other, really does trump ideology when you're building a grass roots movement that lasts, one that can truly be a game-changer.

Activists and leaders of community organizing are, in many ways, entrepreneurs. They see a problem, they envision a solution, and they get people to buy into their plan. These game changers are social entrepreneurs -- entrepreneurs who are passionate about being changemakers who solve social and environmental problems.

And we feature one such changemaker, a high school student who's a born leader and a social entrepreneur with Ashoka Seattle.

History is Undivided Yearning is a film by Kevin Owyang and Matthew Bane. We want to thank these great organizations

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