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How We Make Money for Full Time Travel

Published on 08 May 2019 / In

I'm sure a lot of you have wondered what we do for work to afford living on the road for the last three years... and let's be honest all the vehicle switches! The short answer is that we took our careers with us on the road! In this video, we go into what we do for work and roughly the percentage of income it brings in for us. This is the first of many videos that we would like to do on running a business from the road. If you have any suggestions for video topics on this subject, we're all ears! Leave them in the comments! Enjoy!

Owen's Portfolio Website: https://www.wewander.tv/
MAK's Portfolio Website: https://www.makwashere.com/
MAK's work/personal IG: https://www.instagram.com/makwashere/

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