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Tesco Car Park Wars - 2 People Get Run Over

Published on 10 Jan 2019 / In

- 24th December 2018

The incident happened at a Tesco store in Rickmansworth on Sunday afternoon

Police believe the car driver had been trying to steal alcohol from the superstore

Two people were run over by the Citroen C3 in the shopping centre's car park

A woman is lying in hospital with a broken back after a car used by a suspected thief smashed into her during a dramatic getaway from a Tesco supermarket.

A shock video emerged yesterday showing members of the public ramming shopping trolleys into the side of car being used by the suspected thief.

One person was seriously injured by the car, which drove directly at pedestrians at the Tesco supermarket in Rickmansworth. A second person was also taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A hired Citroen C3 rammed into several cars at a Tesco car park in Rickmansworth and Hertfordshire Police are appealing for information.

A person was seriously injured when a hire car drove into several people and vehicles trying to escape a Tesco car park.

Shocking footage has emerged of a blue Citroen ramming into cars while people slam shopping trolleys into it outside the supermarket in Rickmansworth.

The chaotic video shows several people surrounding the car which is driving very erratically in an apparent attempt to flee.

Hertfordshire Police believe the driver and the passenger were "involved in an incident inside the store... where a person was challenged by the store’s security after attempting to steal alcohol".

The car already has damage to a wing mirror when the video starts with it reversing and ramming into a car as a bystander shouts for the driver to 'stop'.

It then reverses again and people shout for the driver to 'get out' and throw trolleys into the driver-side door repeatedly.

The door opens before the people surrounding say it might be better to just 'leave him in there'.

The driver then makes an aggressive manoeuvre through several parked cars, setting off alarms.

That's when the damage to the rear window of the hired Citroen becomes clear.

A man with what appears to be a metal bar gestures at the driver behind the wheel.

The car then manages to wriggle free and flees the scene.

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